Terms & Conditions 

* Full Terms and Conditions will be given to the lessee on hire of castle.
* Payment of castle will be at completion of setup and satisfation of the lessee, NOT at end of hire. (Cash only)
* Cheques and bank deposits are accepted but must be payed and cleared prior to setup.
* Identification must be provided by lessees.
* Insurance documents can be viewed if required.

Lessee agrees:

· To keep the unit in the same condition as received, (Standard wear is expected)

· Not to altar or attach items to the unit without prior written approval.

· The unit leased under this rental agreement will be in good working order on the effective date of the rental. The lessee is responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement items found to be outside the standard wear guidelines for its condition of use.

· To keep the unit in his/her custody and not to sub lease, rent, sell, remove from the delivered address.

· To be in charge of the units operation, and is fully responsible for its operation as well as return in good order. JumperRoo employees are not responsible for injury occurring to any persons using the unit and free from liability against any injury or claims, against any costs incurred due to claims from anyone, and for attorneys fees relating to costs involving the use and return of the unit, should legal action become necessary.

· The rental agreement constitutes the full agreement between Lessor and Lessee. 

Condition of use.

· Only persons of compatible ages sizes shall play on or use the unit at any one time.

· All riders MUST REMOVE SHOES before playing in the unit.

· No jewellery to be worn.

· NO FLIPS are allowed so as to avoid injuries.

· A responsible person above 18 years old is to supervise at ALL times.

· No food, lollies or drinks on unit (additional cleaning fee will apply)

· Unit is not to be moved from its place of installation.

· Castles are designed for No more then 10 children at any one time up to the age of 13.

· No climbing on side walls permitted

· No pets, animals are to be on castle at any time.